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Check for Injuries

If anyone is hurt or badly injured, call the ambulance or 911 immediatly

Gather and collect information

Gather your Driver license, Registration, and proof of insurance to exchange information with the third party.

Take a picture of the other parties information if you have your phone availiable if not get a pen and paper

  • Registration- vin # and plate info
  • Car plates
  • Driver license – Driver license number, address and Date of Birth
  • proof of insurance – policy number, company information and phone number
  • Current contact information – phone numbers

Reporting accident

  • Call the Police to report the accident
  • Move the vehicles to a safe place if allowed while waiting for help
  • Collect the officers information and accident report number if Minor accident – report the incident right away

Take Photos and video

Take as many photos as possible

  • Of damages
  • Vehicles and plate information
  • Signs and cross streets This may help you file a claim in the future

Talk to witnesses and take notes

If you have Witnessess collect their contact information and take notes so that they can give their statement if needed.

Reporting your Claim

Call your insurance company and report the claim as soon as possible and notify the other parties insurance company as well. Be prepared to give a statement and have all your information ready,

  • Date and time of incident
  • Location of Incident
  • Car information
  • Car damages
  • Detailed description of what happened