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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Your whole life you have worked hard to provide love and security to your loved ones. To keep your loved ones protected and secured, you need to choose the right kind of life insurance that meets all your requirements. Choosing the right life insurance plan is the start of creating a sound financial plan.

When you choose a life insurance plan, you are basically entering a contract where you- the policyholder – will have to pay premiums regularly so that the beneficiaries appointed by you receive a lump-sum monetary amount as a death benefit.

At Unity Path Insurance, we have a ton of life insurance options for you to choose from. Affordable and customizable, we will provide you with plans that meet your needs.

Why Choose a Proper Life Insurance Plan?

  • To take care of your loved ones
  • A proper life insurance plan can finance your children’s education or other requirements
  • To take care of outstanding debt
  • To provide additional earning during an accident or serious illness.